Argentina Delivers is a collaboration among Argentine Government Agencies that aims to support, grow and promote the Argentine IT sector.

Argentina is a longstanding B2B service provider and a popular destination for IT resources. From large multinationals to SMES driving tech innovation, Argentina stands as a story of success in the technology sector

Export Market

1st software exporter in latin america

Exports US$1.7 BN 50% to USA. 11 Unicorns

1° in technology skills in the world (Coursera 2019)

The Talent

+440 K Professionals + 110 K in Tech Careers

40 Tech Hubs across the country

English skills and Cultural Alignment


12 years of sector maturity

Sector incentives for growth

Quality infraestructure

Learning and
Growth Perspective

Creative Talent

Competitve Costs

Environment and time zone

Argentina provides some of the leading B2B technology development, digital marketing and design services to clients around the world.

 Argentina, in particular, is one of the biggest near-shoring hubs in the region, providing top technology development, marketing services, and design talent to a wide array of buyers and clients around the world.

Time zone alignment and proximity, reduced costs, similar work cultures, high English proficiency, and continuous innovation are some of the main reasons why companies, from SME’s to enterprises, are choosing B2B service providers in Argentina for their projects.

Time Zone Alignment & Proximity

The same time zone enables collaborative and agile work, meeting clients' needs effectively and efficiently.

Reduced Costs

Cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality. Access to experienced professionals teams and the best solutions with the latest technologies.

Work Culture & English Proficiency

Effective communication is a priority that goes hand in hand with a work culture that focuses on dedication, early testing, and delivering projects on time.

Effective Partnerships and Continuous Innovation

The value proposition of our service providers creates opportunities for building effective and lasting partnerships. The creative talent Argentina has to offer is the competitive advantage we provide to our partners.

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