Why Argentina?


Argentina provides some of the leading B2B technology development, digital marketing, and design services to clients around the world. 

In the outsourcing industry, key market players in Asia, like India or the Philippines, and Eastern Europe were traditionally considered as the right options for buyers in Canada, and the U.S. 

In recent years, we’ve seen a trending shift to “nearshore” locations in Latin America. Argentina, in particular, is one of the biggest near-shoring hubs in the region, providing top technology development, marketing services, and design talent to a wide array of buyers and clients around the world. 

Time zone alignment and proximity, reduced costs, similar work cultures, high English proficiency, and continuous innovation are some of the main reasons why companies, from SMB’s to enterprises, are choosing B2B service providers in Argentina for their projects. 


Argentina shares compatible time zones with Canada, the U.S., Western Europe and the rest of Latin America. This is an important factor for tech development projects as it allows clients to operate within the same business hours and with a focus on agile development.

For U.S. companies, having a team based in an office within a similar time zone nowadays is key to ensure an easier collaboration between both teams and maximize time overlap to develop a successful digital product. It makes the development process easier to navigate, especially in a competitive landscape.

Agile development is one of the main reasons why nearshore locations like Argentina are becoming so attractive to clients in the U.S., specifically. In addition to short working periods, constant check-ins, plan adaptations and continuous assessments, clients also want to be able to meet in person when necessary. This is easier for all parties if they’re close in proximity or can meet at a halfway point. Being able to meet your hired team face-to-face improves the working relationship, hence the final product


When near-shoring your next big project to Argentina, your company can expect lower rates without sacrificing quality. Within the nearshore model, app development firms in Argentina successfully develop web and mobile apps with a budget within the $10,000 to $49,999 range. This is a significantly reduced price tag when compared to U.S.-based app development firms. UX designer rates in Argentina are also way more affordable with the reported annual salaries falling beneath $25,000 for a UX designer with 4–7 years of experience. Larger enterprises can expect software development staff augmentation offers for $50,000 – $200,000. 


Buyers of Argentinian services mention having great experiences throughout their interactions. They give positive feedback on their partner firms’ proficient and steady English communications. The firms are also using the same project management and communications tools, such as Slack, Jira, or Asana, Zoom and other video conferencing tools. Additionally, they highlight commendable work ethic, positive attitudes and efficient bilingual communications in English & Spanish. This is a particularly attractive factor for companies operating in the growing U.S.-Hispanic market in states like Florida, Texas, New York and California.  


Deloitte’s article “Outsourcing relevancy in post-COVID-19 environment” details the main reasons why outsourcing offers significant business advantages in the current juncture. The access to skilled professionals with reduced costs and access to the latest technologies allows businesses to adopt the digital transformation needed for their business growth.

Software development teams in Argentina focus mainly in quality. This approach, which requires an agile and interactive methodology, guarantees the client a better “ROI” performance and client satisfaction. In this matter, the teams from Argentina distinct themselves for not only taking the requirements and assignments and checking them off in a list. Clients can expect teams with their thinking caps on to find the best possible way to solve each challenge. 

Outsourcing or near-shoring a technology development, digital marketing or design project to a B2B firm in Argentina is definitely a smart choice for your organization. 

The benefits are clear as talented, creative and innovative professionals position Argentina as a distinguished player in the global knowledge services industry.