Education and legislation, the keys to the development of the Argentine IT industry

By Alejandro Peña

Head of Global Markets at CESSI and the Argentina IT Network


Education and legislation are two of the main factors that make Argentina the leading player in the regional market. To create more growth opportunities, the Argentinean Software Industry Chamber (CESSI) considers one of its main missions to educate young students on programming skills. For future generations interested in technology, CESSI focuses on Talent “Evangelization”. Through it, we broadcast the possibilities of the IT industry together with the Government, universities, and other stakeholders. The training is focus on providing education in high schools, institutes, post-secondary education, universities, and ad hoc programs. 

In addition, the Argentina IT Network promotes the training of Talent through cooperation with the government and educational centers, developing specific training plans in different technologies, and supplying the ever-growing demand for specialized IT resources. Consequently, thousands of IT companies have been set up around the technology universities distributed in more than 20 cities, thus forming various clusters and regional entities. 

Federal legislation also helped the positioning of the Argentinean IT industry as one of international players with one of the most significant global expansion. After the sanction of the Law 25.856, which declared the Software Production as an Industry and the Law 25.922. for the Promotion of the Software Industry, which have provided the sector with a stable regulatory-referential framework and credit incentives, the IT sector has become the most dynamic economic sector in the country. 

Today, the regulation of a new Knowledge Economy Law benefits is enacted (Law 27.506). This law has a positive impact on investments in R&D, as well as in the creation of highly skilled jobs, in foreign exchange incomes, and in the tax burden reduction for IT companies. In addition, this will generate better conditions for the development of technological innovations, providing a secure regulatory framework for the IT industry. The support of a State policy that has been in place for more than 15 years, beyond any government colors. It has allowed a sustained growth of the sector and an effective response to the fast and growing demand of products and services 4.0 amid the Information Age. 

For all these reasons, we believe that Argentina has an excellent opportunity to grow exponentially. The IT industry could rise from 2 billion dollars in exports to 10 billion dollars in 2030. And from 120,000 formal and quality jobs, with salaries well above average, to 500,000 by the end of this decade.

Along these lines, the Argentina IT Network connects the world with Argentine companies. The objective is to enable business development between our members, allies, and companies from all over the globe: we provide support; we strengthen business relations; we promote alliances, collaborative products, and cooperation; and maintain diplomatic relations with all interested actors. Furthermore, our vocation is expansive, which is why we are constantly observing and analyzing new markets around the world.