Argentina wants to be a key player in the world market for satellite scenes and high value-added technological developments

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VENG is an Argentinean company that offers engineering services for the technological solution of complex problems. R + D + I projects to the space and general high-tech industries. With more than 14 years of experience, VENG has participated in large projects from the Argentinean National Space Program, developing launch vehicles’ prototypes for access to space; operation of Ground Stations and Mission Operation Centers for satellite missions; among other projects.

VENG operates two ground stations in Argentina capable of providing TT&C Services (Tracking, Telemetry, and Commands) to satellite missions, launch vehicles, and data download services from satellite instruments of different missions.

In addition, VENG has the exclusive worldwide representation of CONAE’s SAOCOM Mission products in the market of satellite information for Earth observation, providing customized services to different industries through satellite information, and focusing on developing innovative applications. 

It also offers high availability of SAOCOM satellite image services 100% focused on the needs of its customers, accelerating the early adoption process for its incorporation into its business models.

SAOCOM can use the information to prevent and mitigate environmental and human events. Some examples are soil drifts, soil moisture maps, oil and gas mining monitoring, flood and drought monitoring, glacier drifts, leak detection at urban drinking water, oil spills, ships detection, and infrastructure studies, among others.

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Image of “Esteros del Iberá” in Argentina, provided by SAOCOM satellitle. 
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